How is your service different from others?
  • We use our own framework for business modeling. At the moment it is probably one of the most systematic of all existing frameworks. You will not only build a model, but also significantly expand your entrepreneurial knowledge.

  • Using Miro, for example, you can't work from your phone. Our service is fully adapted for mobile devices. Create business models from any device. The main thing is to have the Internet.

  • We have a growth forecast calculator that no other service has. And not many business consultants know about the existence of such a calculation method.

  • In the process of filling the framework Planforge automatically creates a mini business plan, which can be used as a guide to action, a basis for the preparation of marketing or investment materials.

  • We use artificial intelligence to speed up the business modeling process. You get clues related to market capacity, possible problems and customer expectations, and you can also create a creative value proposition.
It seems to me that it is expensive. What is the justification for the cost?
  • The cost of providing professional consulting services in the field of business modeling starts at several thousand dollars. If you include financial modeling and business plan writing, the cost can be anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000. We offer a tool with similar capabilities much cheaper.

  • Planforge can be compared to a personal business consultant or a training platform with a personalized development plan for personal use.

  • You can get free access if you are a student, journalist or researcher.
Would Planforge be good for my niche?
We tried to make it so that the tool can be used to calculate any business model, in any market with any method of monetization. If you think that the constructor lacks functions related to your niche, we are ready to consider its implementation.
When can Planforge be useful to me?
  • You have an idea for a business, but you're not sure how much demand there is for it. At Planforge you can calculate your market prospects.

  • You have an idea, but you need to organize everything. Planforge uses one of the best frameworks on the market to organize business information: from positioning to cost and income structure.

  • You have made a startup and are attracting investment. A potential investor has requested a business plan or pitch deck. In Planforge, you create a business plan framework that will fit the requirements of most commercial or government funding agencies.

  • You have an idea and a team. You need to synchronize around a common vision. With Planforge, everyone on the team will be able to understand the essence of the project.
How do you use artificial intelligence?
Artificial intelligence is used to provide smart hints. In our service, artificial intelligence can be used to provide hints in the following areas:

What problems might the customer have?
What expectations might the customer have?
What is the number of customers in a particular market?
What advertising message can be offered to the customer?

Gradually, we will add more prompts. If you have any suggestions, email kirill@planforge.app
What neural network are you using?
We use the GPT-3 model from OpenAI, which is considered to be the most advanced generative neural network today.
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